"Brunch". Opening of the new work of Ibáñez Bernabé.

Exhibition of the new pictorial work of Ibáñez Bernabé, entitled BRUNCH, doing a nice reference to the animal protagonist of this exposure. The peccary will flood our room.

On Saturday, the 1st of February, at 12 p.m., we will inaugurate this work in El Viajero Alado with a brunch.



"Flamenco en Plata", photographic exhibition dedicated to the singing of Lebrija

Curro Malena's photographic portrait which was developed on the wall with emulsified Silver Halide. Photographic Project of Juan Carlos Toro for El Viajero Alado Gallery.

"Flamenco en Plata" is the last work of the native photographer of Jerez de la Frontera, Juan Carlos Toro, who makes a photographic tour for the singing of Lebrija. A luck of images of the most unique singers, with great subtlety and dedication typical of those that he portray. Forefronts, black and white, special papers, analogical developing, very large formats, walls as support, camera obscure.

Strength and expressiveness in the images of the flamenco singers of Lebrija.

You can enjoy the exhibition until the end of August.

A northern Flemish in Seville

In 1563, from Flanders, more specifically Antwerp, a man in his twenties called Joris Hoefnagel came to Seville and Cadiz between other cities, with a desire to draw the populations that he was finding. His skill did that translation into paper of cities as Seville, Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera... was surprising to everyone who saw them.

In 1572, in Cologne (Germany), the publisher Braun and the engraver Hogenberg transformed his meticulous drawings into engravings that were part of the most important world geographical atlas of all the times, the CIVITATES ORBIS TERRARUM. Thanks to the research, restoration and reissue conducted by the team of the engraving workshop of EL VIAJERO ALADO Art Gallery, today we can see and purchase these works, limited edition prints and originals as Hoefnagel's engravings were realized in their day.

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