Albert Bodella. Acting, directing and dramaturgy

Albert Bodella. Acting, directing and dramaturgy

The great actor and playwright Albert Boadella, also known for beign the president of the well-known Tabarnia, came to Cádiz with the intention of giving the workshop "Acting, directing and dramaturgy". "Four sessions in the fields that where I have developed my work" in the actor words. 




"In our times the differents specialties of the performing arts come together again in increasingly linked actions. Tioday we can verify this action in the theatre, dance or the opera whose fusion of conventional limits exposes a new multidisciplinary panorama of the comedians, dancers or singers profession. In this context, performing artist can no longer live without an external view of their own specialty because it is obvious that the deep penetration of an art is only acquired by introducing it in all of its differents fields. For this it is necessary to develop a broad concept of the trade itself, and in the specific case of the actors, they should extend their perspective to the direction and dramaturgy as well as those latters to the knowledge of the interpretive techniques. In this sense, my pedalogical work has always been developed by inciting an extensive perspective of theater beyond the specialization as an actor, playwright, director or set designer." - Albert Boadella


At the beginning of the course, attendees were able to enjoy the last monologue developed by the playwright at the Muñoz Seca Theatre in Puerto de Santa María.

A few days in which the students were lucky enough to be able to learn his work, techniques and different methods that he has used throughout his long career up to the present. 

Here we leave with the interview of Pedro Ingelmo to Albert Boadella.

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