Hiroshi atmosphere. Experimental and new age.

Hiroshi atmosphere. Experimental and new age.

Mehata Hiroshi in Radio 3, RNE. He talks about his music, his work and his experience in Spain.

Until the end of December, his work will continue hanging on the walls of Abantal restaurant (Seville). Activity framed within the year Dual Spain-Japan 2014.

Would you like to know more about this young Japanese artist? We encourage you to listen this podcast.

Mehata’s work is an experience that engages the five senses. He combines precise fine art with ethereal music to produce a moment of spiritual clarity. The viewer steps into a world of dreams, a place in which the subconscious and the conscious meet and reality can bend. To listen to Mehata’s music is to enter into another realm of possibility. Memories are remembered or created. Feelings emerge. A sense is created that, even for a moment, the inconceivable is a possibility.



"What unifies these two cultures, the Spanish and the Japanese, is their great, ancient origins since the dawn of civilization. Both have had empires which commanded the seas as well as conquered other civilizations. In all of Mehata Hiroshi’s works, there is a very clear evocation of the visual and physical evocation of the greatness of both Spanish and Japanese mastery of the world’s seas. In celebration and acknowledgment of the 400 year Anniversary of the Cultural Exchange between Japan and Spain, Mehata Hiroshi’s intriguing and meditative paintings highlight this amazing historic tie between the two countries."


                                                                                      Victoria Dickinson, Arwyn Sherman



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