Great assistance in the workshop with Carmen Blanco

Great assistance in the workshop with Carmen Blanco

Yesterday, November 20, we had the pleasure of enjoyinh a splendid day with Carmen Blanco, along with Bruto Pomeroy. The director acompanied us in the realization of the Innovation Workshop "The cowardly loves or the challenge of undertaking in the film industry". 



Among actresses, actors or producers, the workshop hosted a great, and a really good, representation of our province. We were able to enjoy the presence of notable figures such as Israel Gómez, David Jiménez, David Coronilla or Alberto Otero. All this stood out  the germ of a new revolution in the film industry in our province. We have faith that this will be the first meeting of many, with the ultimate goal of generating industry in the province of Cádiz.

As with the workshop, the projection of the film was fantastic, surpassing that day other films that were released recently. 

We can only thank Iván Llanza, Director of Comunication of Torolab, Luis López-Molina, General Director of Employment and Entrepreneurship of the UCA and José Manuel Cossi, Director of the Creation of Companies Area of the Chamber of Commerce of Cádiz, for their collaboration carrying out this course. 

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